Fall 2018


Week 0

Course Logistics

Welcome to the Rails Decal! Class will be every Thursday in Kroeber 160 from 5-7PM. Check out the syllabus and HW0: the course entry survey below :)

Fall 2018 Course Syllabus

Week 1

Introduction to Ruby and The Web

This week, we will be discussing class logistics, the basics of the Ruby language, and a cursory overview of how the mysterious entity that is "The Web" works!

Online Ruby Interpreter
Online ruby interpreter
Lecture Guide
A walkthrough of what happened in Lecture 1

Week 2

Intro to Rails

An introduction to how Rails, a web server, receives and handles requests.

Lecture Slides
Follow along here!
Ruby on Whales Install Guide
A technical guide to installing Ruby on Whales!
Lecture Guide
A lecture guide walking you everything that happened this week!

Week 3

Rails Lab + Models

Now that we've dipped our feet into the world that is Rails, we're going to spend some time in-class trying it out and getting comfortable with it. Towards the end, we will introduce models and databases.

Lecture Slides
Lecture Slides!
Lab for Week 3!
In-Class Mini-Lab
Check this out for the code from what we did in class!
Lecture Guide
Lecture Guide 3: Forms + In-Memory Models

Week 4

Models and Databases

Today, we're going to dive into how to represent data and how Rails makes this as easy as possible for us!

Lecture Slides
Lecture Slides!
Week 4 Lab!
Lecture Guide
Models and Databases!

Week 5

More on Models and Rails

We're finally bringing it all together! This is the lecture where we'll finally have talked about the entire process of building a robust Rails app! We'll learn more about creating models and the scaffolding Rails generates for us :)

Lecture Slides
Lecture slides!
Project 1
Project 1!
Lecture Webcast
Make sure you're logged into your Berkeley account :)

Week 6

Advanced Models and Conventions Revisited

Now that we've finished learning the core fundamentals of Rails. We're going to take a step back and look at it all again. We will also discuss advanced model relationships so that you can create even more powerful applications