Fall 2019


Week 0

Course Logistics

Welcome to the Rails Decal! Class will be every Wednesday in Jacobs 210 from 4-5:30PM. The syllabus, setup guide, attendance form, and absence form will always be here!

Homework 0
Setup Guide
Office Hours
Sign up for office hours at least 2 hours beforehand

Week 1

Introduction to the Web and a bit of Ruby

This week, we will be discussing class logistics, the basics of the Ruby language, and a cursory overview of how the mysterious entity that is "The Web" works!

Week 2

Putting the Ruby on Rails

An introduction to how Rails, a web server, receives and handles requests.

Week 3

Introduction to Rails

An introduction into controllers, routes, forms, and views

Week 5

Introduction to Models

Week 6

More Conventions?

Week 7

More Routes and Rails Conventions

Deeper into routes and Rails conventions

Project 2 Team Checkoff Sign Up
Team Signup for scheduling project 2 design idea walkthrough with TA
Nested Resources
Video on basics of nested resources.

Week 8

Into the Mines with Gems

Week 9

Wrapping Up :(

Week 10

One more week

Week 11

Project Presentations!

Week 12

Real Project Presentation